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Frequently asked questions

     Plug HI-FI's Projector

1) Does Plug Hi-Fi 's projector works while charging? 

 Yes it works while charging, just do not wait till the battery is fully flat.

 2)How does the remote control works on Apps?

 The main feature to use the mini-projector is the remote control.

To use it you should first insert the USB plug (that you will find in the package) in the projector. To navigate trough Apps you should have the remote control in Mouse mode,(you can easily find the buttom at the top right of the remote). Click it for Mouse mode, double click to normal Mode.

3) Can I share the screen of my computer / laptop / TV with the projector?

 Yes you can, just connect the HDMI cable that you will find in the package and you will be ready to go. 


4) Where can I Find/ Track my orders?

To find your orders you should go to Menu> Track Orders, insert your email address and the ORDER NUMBER that you received in the Confirmation Email.