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About us

                                                      PLUG HI-FI

The Latest Technology, Straight To Your Door.
Plug Hi-Fi is an ambitious tech brand with headquarters based in Milan and Sydney with various Storage in strategic part in the world for fast Shipping. We offer the latest leading-edge technology at an affordable price, delivered straight to your front door or office.

Our Story.

 The idea of building this powerful mini-projector was first born due to business reasons, needing a projector to empower our meetings but avoiding carrying around unwieldy and heavy projector.

Not only we then realized how useful and comfortable will be having one powerful mini-projector at home to replace expensive TVs with the possibilities to move it around the house as we pleased with not cable needed.

We initially went through a lot of struggles, we were creating a projector that was good and small but it was just the same at the others in the market.We wanted to be the best and deliver the best product. Finally after 10 months of endless hard work we made it!

We created A truly Powerful pocket-size projector that are portable between every lifestyle; from home, to work, and abroad.

A special thanks  goes to our Team that has been in the projector business for the last 12 years and is capable to do amazing things.

Whether you are watching movies at home, presenting at the office or traveling abroad, this compact, travel-friendly projector has every base covered. With cord-free, wireless connectivity, day or night compatibility and powerful visuals for up to 2 hours cable free—all for an amazing, unbeatable price. 

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 Customer Support

Our Team it's ready to answer your questions on our tech lines,where you can talk to a real human, please allow 12-24 hours to get a response, we will do our best to create your best experience possible.

“Enjoy The Latest Evolution Of Tech, At Unbeatable Prices.”