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About us


The Story Of
Plug Hi-Fi

Our journey began in early 2019, with an insatiable ambition to build one of the most powerful mini-projectors in the world. The idea came to fruition for business reasons—needing a projector to empower our meetings. While seeking to avoid the struggle of carrying around unnecessarily heavy & bulky equipment. 


After this, we had many revelations. Our first was how this could surpass the office and venture home with us too. We realized how useful, and convenient a powerful pocket-size projector could be. It could essentially revolutionize the way we work, watch TV and our home living arrangements.

No longer would we need big expensive TV’s, or rooms attributed purely towards them. With a powerful mini projector, you can set up a show or movie almost anywhere, inside or outdoors. With no cords, stands or bulky equipment needed. You’d gain space, convenience, and versatility; all while saving money on the latest TVs.


We initially went through a lot of struggles, we were designing a projector that was small but good, however, it was just like others in the market. We wanted to be the best and deliver the ultimate; highly powerful pocket-size projector. Finally, after 10 months of endless hard work, redesigning and testing, we made it a success!


Thanks to our Team, who has been in the projector business for more than 12 years we had succeeded in creating a truly powerful pocket-size projector that is portable between every lifestyle; from home, to work, the outdoors, and abroad. Whether you are watching movies at home, presenting at the office, or traveling abroad—this compact, luggage-friendly projector has every lifestyle covered. With cord-free, wireless connectivity, day or night compatibility, and powerful visuals for up to 2 hours—all for an amazing, unbeatable price.


“Enjoy The Latest Evolution Of Tech, At Unbeatable Prices.”